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Woke Up During Surgery in New York?

When a patient wakes up during surgery, the experience can be traumatic. 

Many surgeries that involve the use of general anesthesia also involve invasive medical procedures.  For example, hip and knee implant surgery involve turning the leg at an anatomically unnatural angle.  Open heart or lung surgery may involve opening and pulling back the rib cage, permitted the surgeon access to the protected organs.

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If you woke up during surgery in New York, you may suffer post-traumatic stress, anxiety or fear of future surgery.  Moreover, if you have other serious medical conditions such as diabetes, ordinary health care may become anxiety producing to the extent that regular treatment suffers.

● Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

● Anxiety

● Fear of Surgery or Medical Care

New York Woke Up During Surgery Lawyers

New York Surgery Wake Up Lawyers for Anesthesia Malpractice

An anesthesiologist is expected to monitor a patient’s sleep pattern throughout a surgery.  If the patient appears to be waking up, the anesthesia should be increased to keep the patient unconscious.

If the anesthesiologist neglects to properly monitor and treat a patient, the patient is at risk of waking up during surgery and sustaining psychological harm.

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